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    Knowing - Movie Review



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    Greg Arganda
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    Knowing - Movie Review

    Post  Greg Arganda on Mon May 18, 2009 3:31 pm

    Knowing - Movie Review

    After viewing CivilianSnowman's review on Knowing here:

    It enlightened my view of this film and I want to give it a simply neutral rating instead of a negative one, I find the movie to be mostly good, I still do not like the ending of the film, though I don't believe it condemns the entire movie. I give this film no thumbs up and recommend it to everyone once it comes out on DVD. Watch out for it on the FX Network though, I expect it will appear on it soon enough.

    Original Review:
    Alex Proyas's "Knowing" is one of the strangest science-fiction disaster films that an audience will come by for it's conflictingly bad ending which comes so abruptly it shocks the viewer to no end. I came out of the theater thinking "what the hell is wrong with that ending?"

    Let's get into the story, "Knowing" starts off with the little girl Lucinda Embry (played by Lara Robinson) coming up with the idea of her school having a time capsule to be opened fifty years in the future filled with drawings from the school's students. Fifty years later the capsule is opened and the character Caleb Koestler ("played" by Chandler Canterbury) is the lucky finder of Lucinda Embry's letter. Only to find numbers written all over the page she put into the capsule. Caleb's father, John Koestler (played by Nicolas Cage) thinks nothing of it until he gets drunk into a stupor and looks at it, noticing dates written on the paper. After a little drunken typing on the internet search engine he finds out that the numbers are dates and death tolls of worldly disasters leading up to the near future. Little does John Koestler suspect that the dates presented has a lot to do with his son's future.

    Let's get into what I liked about this film: The directing is nearly flawless, Alex Proyas who has done such wonders as Dark City, The Crow and I, Robot delivers a visual feast for the eyes. The audience will feel like they are right there with Nicolas Cage during the disaster scenes because it feels so real. Also, Laura Roninson's portrayal of the disturbed Lucinda Embry is wonderful, I fealt like her character is truly disturbed.

    The problems with this movie are very easy to point out, starting with the acting "ability" of Chandler Canterbury, with his forced lines and all-around fake crying. It is awful to watch this kid attempt to cry, he gives no effort to attempt a realistic "sad crying scene." On the subject of the script of "Knowing," there is a lot of very cliche lines that make for a lackluster script that just does not please. The motherload of all problems comes not until the very end of the film, that's right, the ending of this film is aweful. It leaves the audience with no hope and a distinct religious message that has no place in a film such as this. It is an unforgivably bad ending that is truly upsetting to see since the film fealt like it had a lot of potential.

    I give "Knowing" one thumb down for giving hope of a great film and not delivering at the end. I'd also like to note that Chandler Canterbury needed an acting coach badly throughout the film. I do not recommend this film to anyone.

    IMDB Rating: 7.0/10.

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